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Amy Nolan

Work in Progress

6 Hours Theatre Group

With an imminent deadline and the help of a good friend, Wilson cannot get his project finished, no matter how hard he tries. What is it, exactly, that's preventing him from completing this work in his small, strange apartment?


As presented in the 2016 Expat Expo | Immigrant Invasion Festival in English Theatre Berlin - International Performing Arts Center, 6 Hours Theatre Group Berlin comes back with "Work in Progress", a 30 minute one-act-play that explores the subjective experience and the illusion of choice, and raises questions about what it really means to be free, alongside questions about the nature of theatrical performance.


Mit: Alejandro Niklison, Neele Reimann-Philipp, Alan Ward

Regie: Amy Nolan

Text: Alejandro Niklison

4. Nov. 2016



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