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Alix Lucas

Somewhere, Maybe Here

Cat Gerrard

Cat Gerrard & Nerea Ariznabarreta

Sometime- it could have been yesterday or last month or last year - an angel arrived in Berlin. 

They say she fell from the sky and, finding there was no way back, she set out on foot into the city. 


Somewhere, Maybe Here is a performance about who and what the angel met on her journey. With two slapstick clown-presenters, a silent film – created from the unplanned interaction between the angel and the public on the streets of Berlin – and live piano.


Somewhere, Maybe Here is an intimate, live encounter that is by turns comedic, nostalgically poetic and deeply moving.


After a hugely successful preview at the Euskal Zine Bilera film festival in the Basque Country at the end of 2018, Somewhere, Maybe Here comes home to Berlin for two preview performances at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, before going on to premiere in late Spring. 


Please join us for this part-performance, part-ritual and full-invitation: for a moment to be really here. 


Performed by: Cat Gerrard and Nerea Ariznabarreta 

Created by: Cat Gerrard | Nerea Ariznabarreta | Hugo Reis (Film Artist) | Angharad Matthews (Costume Designer) and Alix Lucas (Photographer) 


"What a wonderful and magnetic experience."- Audience Member 

“...this is so gorgeous. I'm in love.” - Audience Member

3. März 2019


04. Mar 2019 - 20:00


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