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Andrea Galad


Cristiana Casadio


NOWHERE focuses on the positive power of dreaming and takes us awake into a world where everything is possible. A world in which everything can communicate with everything. A world in which our certainties and categories dissolve and we can distance ourselves from our obvious clarity.


“I feel like I’mnoWhere, even when I'mnowHere,

wearing my skin and walking my dream on a leash,

while the chair becomes the house of a snail and my plant cleans my thoughts.”

Mit: Cristiana Casadio

Konzept, Choreographie: Cristiana Casadio
Lichtdesign: Citronella Antholz

Kostüme: Andrea Galad
Künstlerisches Mentoring: Brit Rodemund, Julia Christ, Stefan Sing

8. Dez. 2022


10. Dezember 2022


22€ | 16€

Tickets hier

Schönhauser Allee 176 | 10119 Berlin

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