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Antonia Gersch


Sofia Karagiorgou


Humans are creatures of habit. We form routines and rituals to mark the  passage of time, ascribing meaning to their units. How we pass a second,  a minute, an hour and year is embedded with socio-cultural expectations  that we have absorbed since birth. Rationally we can be familiar with  concepts of quantum Physics, deep time and the non-existence of present,  but in our lived experience, these notions remain distant.  What if the  rhythm of our systems is disrupted? Markers of time lose their meaning:  schedules are in flux, time subjectively stretches and our perception  is tested. In her solo performance “No such thing as present”, Sofia  Karagiorgou stages her own version of reality that is both recognisable  and alien, near and far away. She embodies experiences and observations  to what happens to creative bodies when habitual time and space is  disrupted. How do we measure the immeasurable?

Concept, Choreography: Sofia Karagiorgou
Dramaturgy: Antonia Gersch
Music/Sound: Cravune
Stage Design: Karla Marchesi
Light Design: Sanja Gergorić
Costume: Sofia Karagiorgou
Foto: Antonia Gersch

4. Nov. 2022


05. November 2022


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Wiesenstraße 55 | 13357 Berlin

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