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Seiji Morimoto © Davide Sintini | Stellan Veloce © Evelyn Saylor | XENOFOX © Olaf Rupp


Various Artists


Labor Sonor - founded in 2000 by Gregor Hotz, Andrea Neumann, and Steffi Weismann to create a platform for new experimental music beyond established institutions - is a  monthly series of concerts, performances, and video, now curated by Fernanda Farah, Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann, Arthur Rother, and Derek Shirley in a small venue called KuLe in the center of Berlin.

SOLO | Electronics: Seiji Morimoto

SOLO | Acoustic retuned harmonicas: Stellan Veloce

Stellan Veloce is a Sardinian composer, performer and cellist living and working in Berlin. They compose pieces for acoustic instrumental ensembles as well as working on installations or performance pieces focusing on timbre, repetition and sound densities.

Veloce works or has worked with collaborators from different disciplines like composers Neo Hülcker and Marta Forsberg, choreographer Sheena McGrandles, visual artist Kyle Bellucci Johanson among others. Occasionally they work as a touring band member or in the studio in the pop music sphere. Most recently with Peaches and before with Kat Frankie, Dear Reader, Kenichi and the sun among others. Together with Kaj Duncan David, Andreas Dzialocha, Laure M. Hiendl and Neo Hülcker they are co-founder of the collective and online platform They are part of the group Fem*_Music*_.

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Drums: Rudi Fischerlehner

Guitar: Olaf Rupp

Shure they can make quite a fuss in the china shop. But the aim is not to destroy things. It is about creating spaces. It is the air and the hidden silence amidst all the rubble that begets something special. A creative furor comes along with just enough ease to make shure that in the end everything fits together well to form a meandering whole. There is an utopistic organic wilderness in this music gaining ground so irreverently that if you are able to enjoy a note, a sound, a beat just for what they are: a note, a sound, a beat, then you will have fun to see the wood for the trees.

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Zugang zu der Veranstaltung erfolgt nur mit FFP2 Maske, tagesaktuellem negativen Corona-Test oder Nachweis des vollständigen Impfschutz/ Genesung. Zudem bitten wir, um die Einhaltung der AHA-Regeln.

Labor Sonor has become a meeting point for the vibrant and innovative music community in Berlin. It is one of the platforms for the echtzeitmusik-scene. echtzeitmusik means  the field of ‘experimental’ music bordering new music, electro-acoustic improvisation, trash pop, avantgarde rock, noise, sound  art, performance art, or electronica. The members of the echtzeitmusik-scene  perform their own music, rather than interpreting the music of other  composers or composing for others. These composer-performers work solo or in collective processes, mostly in long term collaborations. The echtzeitmusik-scene gave birth to internationally recognized phenomena like ‘Berlin  Reductionism’. Meanwhile its protagonists present their music on festivals like MaerzMusik Sonic Arts Lounge, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, or Darmstädter Ferienkurse.

Gefördert von der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Spartenoffene Förderung für Festivals und Reihen einjährig.

6. Juni 2021



8 - 15 € (Sliding Scale) | Kartenreservierung ist erforderlich

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