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Scratch Theater

Into Eternity: The Scratch Saturday Show

Scratch Theater

Sometime in the future... 


A band of friends, lovers, and entities, armed only with their unbreakable will to keep each other alive, are on a mission. But a secret is about to unravel and may change the course of all humanity.


This is a completely improvised event – you can change the future but only if you witness Scratch Theater live as we send long-form improv into the realms of science fiction. Don't miss it! And! In the second half, Scratch Theatre will be surprising you with something totally different. What will it be?


The Ensemble will be accompanied on piano by the wonderful and talented Andrés Atala-Quezada!


Scratch Theater mixes imagination with wild emotion to sweep audiences off their feet. By mixing a wealth of genres, old and new, they create vulnerable characters that are full of honesty and complexity. Performances are one-of-a-kind and flowing with music. Founded in San Francisco in the 1990’s by veteran Robert Rodgers, Scratch Theater has found renewed life in Berlin as a group of improvisers that can both touch your heart and break it, always leaving you wanting more.

what the audience has said...

“I didn't know improv could be like that. I had goosebumps.” 

Audience member, Copenhagen Improv Festival


"Absolutely amazing. Another group performs here and it's not even close. The bartenders here hope to get a shift on a night when Scratch is performing." 

Bartender at Aufsturz


“I am so thrilled to have been a witness to this company's talent. Each performance I go through a multitude of emotions. Thank you!” 

Audience member, Berlin show


“It was so exciting. Like I've seen a thriller.”

Audience member, Berlin show

25. Mai 2019



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