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Sea Interludes (dance performance)

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Sea Interludes (dance performance)

Mark Bankin


A water-study dance concert on a 19th century warship explores amnesia,  illness, loss, and the afterlife. Closed-loop, gradation, and  simultaneous canon interludes, together with the dance translation of  arpeggios, and tremolos, consider Peter Grimes, Come and Go, and Jean  Cebron. An ensemble of Isadora Duncan dancers necromantically work with  found material from a rapidly disintegrating dance archive to explore  collective/individual/subjective memory, oral/personal/living history,  and question what would be the point in remembering.

Choreography: Mark Bankin
Interpretation: Holly Mitchell, Rosy Gentle, Luisa Rüster, Sara Valenti
Producer: Apricot Productions

15. Aug. 2023

With kindly support of

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Hosek Contemporary

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