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Playback Theater Performance

Playback theater is a form of improvisational theater where the  audience tells their stories and the actors and musicians transform them  into a work of art on stage. The name is a shortening for “We are  playing your stories back.”

The stories are told during the performance and there is no need to  prepare anything. During the performance, we hear several stories from  the audience and see the connection between them. It allows you to  connect with each other on a new level, heal, feel a sense of community  and be inspired.

“People go to the theater today to remain human.” – Robert Lepage

With this performance, we decided to tell about our new life in a new world.

In our play, the stories can be about anything: pain and longing, joy  and laughter, school and work, yesterday’s kitchen quarrel or the most  important relationship in your life, about what you dream about and what  you believe in. There is no need to prepare stories in advance, they  are born during the performance. Come and tell or just have a look.

We invite English-, Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking audiences.


Yuliia Terentieva

Anastasia Vorobyeva

Maria Buianova

Ioulia Stepanova   

Anne Dirnstorfer

Music: Valentin Hoffmann

6. Mai 2023

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