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Pamela Moraga


LATINX is a choreographic  trio between three South American women;  together, they explore , with their  shared heritage,  ways to create,   interpret, and embody  Urban Latin music thereby demonstrating their  political discontent with issues across  the South American Diaspora.  Inspired by the movement called, “ Perro Combativo '', the dancers  manifest an imaginary protective space wherein reggaeton, a deep  influence of latin music, can disrupt and resist against political  agendas set by those empowered to oppress those in minority and  oppressed communities. This work aims to empower and keep alive the  physical memories of the land from which they originated.

Performers: Amara Thomas, Giuliana Corsi, Pamela Moraga

Direction and Choreography: Pamela Moraga

Assistant Director: Tomoya Kawamura

Dramaturgy assistant: Tomoya Kawamura

Sound Design and Music: Cristobal Ruffo

Video archive: Asphalt Kollektive Berlin e.V (Lukas Hamm)

Technik: Torsten Eissrich

29. Juni 2023

With kindly support of

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Neue Bühne Friedrichshain

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