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“PEOPLE PLEASER” (work-in-progress)

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“PEOPLE PLEASER” (work-in-progress)

Giorgia Bovo

Shared evening as part of UNFINISHED FRIDAYS #95 - Festival Edition

“People  pleaser” is about our constant urge to be liked. It’s an ironic look  into the absurd and impossible situations we put ourselves into in order  to appeal to others and to make them happy.

This  work-in-progress deals with the image of ourselves that we want the  world to see, in contrast with the struggle behind it, and it merges  these two sides of the same coin in a chaotic, ironic and surreal way.

Choreography / Concept / Direction: Giorgia Bovo

Dancer: Carley Marholin

Costume: Giorgia Bovo

24. Juni 2023

With kindly support of

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Lake Studios Berlin

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