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Butoh-Fu "Hans Bellmer“

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Butoh-Fu "Hans Bellmer“

Macoto Inagawa


Butoh-Fu  (Butoh notation) are words or sentences that may sound like poetry.  First used by Tatsumi Hijikata, they became a unique method for Butoh  choreography. Each Butoh-Fu deals with a wide ranged of worlds (organic,  non-organic, abstract or oneiric) and individually changing nuances  which are organically linked to each other. Butoh-Fu has its own  specific references, especially from surrealist art.

On  this evening, after a short general lecture on Butoh-Fu, we present a  Butoh performance inspired by dolls created by Hans Bellmer (1902-1975).

Butoh Notation Lab

Founded  by Maco in April 2022, it aims to explore and create Butoh-Fu.  Currently, five performers invited by Maco have come together to explore  the Butoh-Fu inherited from Hijikata and Yukio Waguri and create new  choreographies.

The  theme of the first edition is based on Hans Bellmer's dolls created in  the 1930s; later the Nazi party labeled his works as "degenerate art".

Choreography: Maco

Butoh: Adina Mohr, Rareș Grozea, Nile, Anja Binder and Bratan Bratanov

Lighting and sound: Hikaru Inagawa (4RUDE)

20. Sept. 2022

With kindly support of

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Kunstquatier Bethanien

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