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On The Art Of Murmuration

Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen

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On The Art Of Murmuration


Im Rahmen des CompanyHAA Festival 2019

ON THE ART OF MURMURATION is inspired by birds behavioral phenomena called murmuration, exhibited when hundreds of starlings, fly together in the sky. It is presumed, it is a way of birds to protect themselves from predators, who get frightened by an ever-changing shape of the block and its unexpected way of moving. Annika and Justyna recreate this phenomenon by working with 'invisible dancers’ and by following the research of Craig Reynolds, who in 1986 developed Boids Algorithm. An artificial life program which simulated swarms behavior, used, among others, by Disney to animate ants. 

The complexity of the performance arose from 3 simple rules applied to every individual involved in the group, which are: separation, alignment, and cohesion.


CHOREOGRAPHY: Justyna Kalbarczyk ​ 

DANCE: Annika Dörr, ​Justyna Kalbarczyk 

MUSIC: Johann Pachelbel

9. Juni 2019

With kindly support of

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Acker Stadt Palast

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