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Mc Beth

Daniela Marcozzi

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Mc Beth

Groove Performance Lab by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

From whence the ticking clock, Macbeth, that hangs around thy thickening neck? Has its face aname, a she or he? Or is it just a game, a lively cat and mouse you play onwhich witch's spiral poor Macbeth has fallen prey? ... Hide and Seek?… Can the Sardines? Everyone wants tobe a table to serve the gracious queen. Does she not speak the unspoken tongueof quick-silvery fish? Begging the spiritworld to grant her grim and bloody wish? Throw it all in abox, Stick in your glovéd hand. Have you chosen tochoose your fate Or will you followdestiny’s command As the fog settlesa fog of madness rises in the quickening ticking forest of time come again ... And what bubbles upfrom the battleground once the battle has been won? Is it thy will tokeep on killing to keep the crown from spilling off thy boiling head? Come, have a lookthrough the tube of time … 




With: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Jesús Espuña, Cecilia Ferron, Grazia Fiore, Elena Galliano, Lodovica Nuzzo, Cecile Rossant, Marta Tirabassi, Andrea Vitali 


Live drawing: Carlo Bortolini

Directed by Daniela Marcozzi with the assistance of Ilaria Di Maio

15. Juni 2019

With kindly support of

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Fliegendes Theater

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