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Isabella Harritz & Company

If beauty comes from the inside, why are we so quick to judge others on their outer appearance?


Why do we feel ashamed of our upbringing? 

Ashamed of who we are? 

Ashamed of who we will become?

Ashamed of what we look like?

Ashamed of the circumstances life brings us?


This evening, we share our emotions, our insecurities, and our strength.

Together, I wish to find a way to support and empower each other; no matter who we are or where we come from. Diversity is beautiful; let’s embrace our differences and celebrate the individual within us.


Concept and Idea: Isabella Harritz

Choreography: Isabella Harritz

Sound and Music: Julius Kaufmann 

Vocals: Camilla Harritz

Poetry: Lucy Kallenbach 


Dancer’s: Sandra Olsson, Jassica Akers, Bláthín Eckhardt, Emmy Thomsen, Isabella Harritz

12. Nov. 2019

With kindly support of

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