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Back to Zero

Kadir "Amigo" Memiş

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Back to Zero

Kadir “Amigo” Memiş

Im Rahmen von Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival Egypt

“I call myself an Urban Nomad — a collector. I feel inspired by gestures, lines, moves, birds, smells, colours, sounds and lights of the cities and my environment.” 

Kadir “Amigo” Memiş


In the interactive performance Back to Zero the artist, choreographer and dancer explores hidden places, only to transform and reclaim them through the act of dancing and writing. Inspired by a synthesis of the Turkish word ‘bozuk’ and Greek ‘bouzouki’, meaning ‘broken art’, ‘broken body’, ‘broken sound’, ‘broken head’ or ‘to lose one’s mind’, mystical figure BOUZUQΣΣ represents art and creativity. By creatively inscribing the self within a different cultural context, the urban nomad allows his own quest for meaning to interact with and draw inspiration from the urban heritage he encounters. Yet behind the multiple artificial encodings and decryptions ultimately lies a simple and relatable experience: an individual, transtemporal story about birth, conflict and liberation.

Idea/choreography/(Bouzouki): Kadir Amigo Memiş
Dramaturgie: Rain Kencana
Composition & Music: Milian Vogel
Dancers: Ichi Go,  Wilfried Ebongue
Light Designer: Sebastian Zamponi
Stage Designer: Markus Buttkereit
Photo Credits:, Ganz Diez
Costume Designer: Jale Kustaloglu
Producer: Manon Lemoine


Special thanks to Cairo Governorate.

11. Apr. 2019

With kindly support of

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Goethe Institut Kairo

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