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Women, border in front of you

Uri Levinson

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Women, border in front of you

Adaya Godlevsky

A music-based interdisciplinary performance created and performed by Adaya Godlevsky. Woman, harp and electronics…


The performance “Women, border in front of you” deals with issues of femininity in form of a personal story. Establishing a social and political stand. All in the realm of borders trying to fence artistic freedom. The work on the performance started two years ago after having two solo music albums in her resume. Adaya felt the need to create a work spreading out as musician and as a performance artist, giving space for a dialog between a multitude of instruments and practices. Between sound and vision. Between the female voice and the female body, between acoustic instrument and electronics. The meeting and the fusion created a new score system creating a composition of visuals, moments, movements and original musical notes. 


Creation and performance: Adaya Godlevsky 

Artistic advisor: Ari Teperberg 

Voice guidance: Michal Oppenheim 

Costume design: Anat Martkovich 

Light design: Rotem Elroy 

Artist acknowledgment: Assaf Rahat, Adina Bar-On, Maayan Tsadka, Dani Williamson, Anat Levin, Hila Lahav, and Sharon Horodi. 

Special acknowledgment: Renana Raz! 


The performance was made available by the support of the following organization: The foundation for supporting Israeli creation and creators by ACUM Yehoshua Rabinovitch Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts The municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Division of Culture and the Arts 

27. Dez. 2018

With kindly support of

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Hateiva Hall | Jaffa- Tel Aviv, Israel

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