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Fuck me I love you

Ulrich Leinz, Markus Wente

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Fuck me I love you

Shlomo Lieberman & Ensemble

The circular motion and fluctuation of desire, power, ambition and endless search for the unattainable love we all crave for is explored by an international cast of 8 multi-skilled performers. Together they create a station drama inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s Reigen (La Ronde). 

A series of encounters strung together depicts a society locked in a cycle. 


“This city is no place for love. The people are too fragile to be genuine, too shrewd to be open. One becomes accustomed to immerse oneself in so many vain interests and ultimately lose sight of what is real.” 

Heinrich von Kleist, 1800. 


Concept: Fred Gehrig, Shlomo Lieberman, Valerie Renay 

Direction: Shlomo Lieberman 

Scenography and Costume: Irene Joa 

Created with and performed by Julia Barrette-Laperrière, Nina Berclaz, Léonard Bertholet, Nour Bou Ghawi, Andrew Clarke, Fred Gehrig, Valerie Renay, Caglar Yigitogullari

16. Nov. 2018

With kindly support of

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English Theatre

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