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Tonight or Never

Ikuro Suzuki

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Tonight or Never


This piece is inspired by Daniel Schmid’s first film “Tonight or Never"/"Heute Nacht oder nie”. An atmosphere with odd elegance, a secret of life. This piece is a story of two separated souls meeting each other again, after a long, long journey. That is an eternal marriage. When two souls were listening to each other’s heart beat, they were blessed. Even there is a distant between life and death, death loves life and life breath into death. 


The foundation and motivation of this piece is to keep listening to each other’s heart beat from the beginning to the end by using all senses of our body. The Audience will see two bodies which are listening. Listening is our thin life line, and because of that we can knit a deep human love in the space. Love unites, and love circulates. In solitude, by listening to each other’s heart beat, we are digging ourself to get closer to each other. We believe, that if one digs inside of oneself, there will be a deep river which flows into all souls. And when we touch this river flow, we remember who we are. We believe, that listening is one of the most important thing for human nowadays. We start our dance by listening, and that is all we do.


Direction/Stage/Costume/Light Design: MUTSUMI, NEIRO

Player/Dancer: Mutsumi, Neiro

Special thanks to: Seiji Tanaka


MUTSUMI ・NEIRO - A Japanese Butoh Duet Dance, based in Tokyo/Japan

Since the first meeting at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, they started to work as a duet. The most important thing for dance is love. Love is an ultimate energy. Love unites, and love circulates. Kazuo Ohno said, “Dance is life”. We dance with the reality of our life as an eternal marriage.

15. Dez. 2016

With kindly support of

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Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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