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BODY PLAY | New Version

Chaim Gebber | Openscene

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BODY PLAY | New Version

Chaim Gebber | Openscene

Body Play is a performance which catalogues our movement research on “The Conscious Body System” (a movement system developed by Chaim Gebber). In solos, duos, and groups dancers use physiology like skin, bones, and muscles as singular tools to create body rituals.

The performers situates dance making through physiology and humans as an un-separated race. Whereas bodies have historically separated people by color, shape, size, and sex, in “Body Play” the performers views it as a unifying reality. The process emphasizes senses and the information found from e.g. touch and weight. Cueing from physiological necessity the performers generates art based in anatomical design of the thinking primitive body in motion. In one score the performers practices blind and in contact. This brings attention to physiological systems in movement improvisation and activates or relaxes muscles accordingly, compelling the performers to attend to the effect motion and contact has on their body. In another score, twisting and locking joints results in spirals and creates material directly from the skeleton’s capacities.

Unification, culture, and social behaviors comprise the foundation of the work and process. Additionally, by collaborating with people from different origins the performers can understand how integrating differences also reveals commonalities e.g. the body and its needs, limitations, and reactions. 


Performers: Chaim Gebber, Roberta Pupotto, Brittany Davis, Laura Giuntoli

Concept/Direction: Chaim Gebber

Music: Kevin Sánchez

Media Creation: Elissa de Brito

29. Mai 2016

With kindly support of

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Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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