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Siciliano Contemporary Ballet

Ein Abend mit drei Stücken: Esercizio n.1 - Europa – Technetium

Salvatore Siciliano kreiert mit seinem international besetzten und in Berlin ansässigen Ballett Ensemble eine eigenwillige Bewegungsästhetik auf hohem Niveau. Sehr emotionale und oft ans Rohe grenzende Choreographien treffen auf die Präzision klassischer Linien. So entstehen visuelle Metaphern, die uns mit den Tiefen des menschlichen Seins konfrontieren – und im Falle dieser neuesten Produktion in ein imaginäres Europa der Zukunft entführen.

The living made of light and the elements. Europe is at the core, eternally and beyond all time. We are tempted to uncover the games that lie beneath. They have dragged Europe's people into total darkness. But what would Europe be like if her son had survived the Golden Age? This is a pathway through a hypothetical Europe of the future. A beam of time interrupted and replaced by another. Siciliano Contemporary Ballet is an up-and-coming dance company based in Berlin, founded and directed by Salvatore Siciliano. Due to his talent in mixing ballet and aesthetics with raw emotion and sarcasm, his work has become increasingly popular. The company's style is distinctive, powerful and sophisticated, and uses visual metaphor to express human psychology. The architecture of the body is used to create intricate lines as a framework for expression and tension, leading to discomfort and suspense in the audience. It is the precision and unique use of ballet which makes the company's work truly unforgettable.


Choreographie und Konzept: Salvatore Siciliano

Musik und Dramaturgie: Matresanch

4. Feb. 2018



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