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Ronald Spratte



6. Nov. 2015

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Probebühne 003

With the human being’s born also comes the evolutionary need of relation and community among them in order to survive. All their lives are automatically related to the environment in which they were born, believing themselves absolute masters of their destiny. 


We know that only through the physical senses and mind can be known the world. As in the theory of Kant, the world is correlative of human knower, and, therefore, has the fundamental structure of our way of knowing. This means that the time, space and causality are not “objective” or strange, but mental categories in which everything is modeled. 


The existence and shape of everything depends on the mind. Cognition is a mental product. And the world, as seen from the mind, is a subjective and private world, constantly changing according to the restlessness of the mind itself. All you know, is known by his mind stimulated by the environment. But ... 


... can we consider that the environment is also an entity that decides what you want to feel? Are human beings free slaves or simple creatures of their reality? 

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