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Traces of Care
An initiative that aims to propose alternative systems of care.

Emilia Schlosser, Isaac Robertson and Maja Laskowska

Performance & Exhibition

Created by an international trio, Emilia Schlosser, Isaac Robertson and Maja Laskowska,  the project draws on bodies of water found in nature (geographically or  biologically) to open a conversation that challenges existing notions  of care. Is care a part of the everyday narrative? How do we heal if  care isn’t on the lexicon? As part of the event, the audience will enjoy  an immersive exhibition including projection, video, photography, and a  reading room, as well as a live performance at the riverfront. 

Water is everything; it moves within and without our bodies. Water is  specific and local, it is the sea, the lake and the puddle. Water is  diverse and eternally circulating, it is the blood and the chemical  compound. Water’s identity is beyond that of a service provider to  facilitate human activities. How can we shift our engagement with water  from our anthropocene outlook and swim towards a more ethical  conversation, water to water? Body to Body.

Traces of Care is an exhibition and live performance. It is an  exploration and a conversation, a look into a moister future. Listening  to the social networks of water and its bodies, hearing our uncontained  human bodies within this network; how do we care? Where do we care? Why  do we care? How are we cared for by the current waters and landscapes?  Can you hear the water in your body gurgling?

Choreographies of Care is an international  collective of interdisciplinary artists. Blurring their different  practices of sound design, creative writing, visual arts, performance  arts and body work, the collective is invested in research driven  explorations of situated contexts of care that expand beyond the human.

Their first site specific performance ‘Choreographies of Care’ was  shown at Totally Thames festival in 2023. Traces of Care is their second  project.

31. Aug. 2023


31 August – 3 September 2023

Opening Reception: Thursday 31st August, 6-9pm


183 – 185 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3UW

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