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Grafik Quelle: Stefano Taiuti

Three short pieces about Lust

Stefano Taiuti

"Hibiya park" - Solo  | " The Garden" - Quartet  | "Cazzo" -  solo - Three exploration of lust through Butoh, three aspect of the sexual craving that moves us all explored through the dancing body.


By and With: Stefano Taiuti

With: Amelia Emma Forrest, Sara Lu, Kevin Bonono

Music: Danilo Lvm

Costume "The garden": Nelson Santos


Stefano Taiuti (Rome 1967) is a dancer, choreografer, teacher and performer. PHD in History of Dance and Theatre. With a solid background in Mime and physical theatre, he research in the field of Butoh dance since 1994. He studied with Masaky Iwana, Akira Kasai, Min Tanaka, Yoko Murunoi, Ko Morobushi, amongst other. He founded the dance collective LIOS in Rome, organizing the first international Butoh Festival in Italy from 2000 till 2012. He founded and directed his own company Zeitgeist from 2003 till 2012, choreographing, dancing and producing awards winning solo and collective pieces. Based in Berlin since 2015 he continues his activity as an independent dancer and choreoghrapher as well as teacher

29. Apr. 2017



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