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Keren Chernizon


Josephine Haas


'swallow me‘  is a physical theater choreography exploring nature’s  resilience in relation to human’s resilience. As nature destructs to  reconstruct, humans can deconstruct preconceived
stories/trauma in the body and rewrite them with empowering narratives. 
Through the act of allowing the stories of the body to swallow us like the waves of the
sea, we release what we no longer need from the narratives, hold onto the power, and
rise resiliently wild.

Artistic direction, choreography, performance: Josephine Haas

Music: Edited and compiled by Alberto Fiori
Dramaturge advice: Judith Sanchez Ruíz
Residency support: Theater Haus Mitte 
Creation initially funded by: Dachverband Tanz Deutschland Distanz Solo (2022)

3. Mai 2024


4. Mai


Ackerstraße 169/170 | 10115 Berlin

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