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SEVEREN SERIES I - Double Bill (2 Solos)

Lea Pischke
Vladimir Dziomba


Perseverare (latin), "continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success."

We insist, we are determined, we fall, we get up, we move on, we are stubborn, we are frustrated, but we areambitious, we are driven, by curiosity, by pain, or both, until something gives, something breaks, something emerges, something reveals itself, maybe, hopefully, for the better, for us, for an improvement, a desired change. Call it success, call it progress, call it development, call it evolution, call it recovery, call it the next step.

We sever the bond to the before, the has-been, maybe the norm, maybe that which we always refused and we questioned, and we build new bridges in order to relate, to synthesize, to become, to fully integrate, into ourselves, into our contexts.

Sometimes you have to separate to re-formulate. Sometimes you have to invent to re-formulate.
Cut and paste, chop and change, many new iterations of self, of History, of one's own history.
Sometimes an entirely new vocabulary is needed. Mumblings are uttered, shameful stutters of a future, unintelligible syllables spat into the void that should, hopefully, become some form of communication of the unspeakable.


Choreographie, Tanz: Lea Pischke
Choreographie, Tanz: Vladimir Dziomba

1. Apr. 2023


2 April 18:30


5 bis 15 € je nach Einkommensstärke, kein Vorverkauf

Wiesenstraße 55 | 13357 Berlin

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