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Sad Flamenco : Revelaciones

Alvaro Martinez & Lola Rubio



Alvaro Martinez León und Lola Rubio bauen eine Show mit einem Minimum  an Mitteln auf. Zwei Körper, eine Gitarre, eine Trompete und ein paar  Accessoires. Aus dieser "Beschränkung" entsteht ein Werk, das sich auf  die Interaktion zwischen den beiden Künstlern, ihren Körpern, dem Klang,  dem Raum, der entfremdeten kulturellen Referenz, der entsakralisierten  künstlerischen Aktion und dem alltäglichen Betrieb konzentriert.

Lola Rubio and Alvaro Martinez León use their technical skills  (music, dance, performance), forged by years of experience in a variety  of performing areas, while at the same time exploring everyday actions  superimposed on musical archetypes familiar to the audience. This is one  of the main issues at stake in the duo's performativity, the  dissociation between an action that the spectator might feel able to  perform at any moment, and an action that only an experienced artist can  perform on stage (with a degree of technicality).

The two artists choose musical material that is clearly identified in  the collective memory, songs or 'totem' styles from popular culture.  Each of these musical materials is accompanied by a bodily and cultural  imagination, which Alvaro and Lola set about reinterpreting, often  through incursions into desacralisation. It is the introduction of this  non-normativity into actions linked to everyday life, into the ready  made, that once again brings about the dissociation, the contrast sought  by the Madrid-born duo.
Las Santas Inocentes consciously draft or evade speech and text. They  offer a sensible experience based on physical and sonic ambushes,  playing with the perception of signs and representations. Their  repertoire is eclectic and above all guided by the roots of each piece  in their emotional memory.

Von und mit: Alvaro Martinez und Lola Rubio

1. März 2024



10€ | 16.5€

Lehrterstraße 35 10557 Berlin

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