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The berlin based japanese dancer collective O:ttanz presents:

Silent bell

is a choreography developed in turmoil, made in tandem with self-conflict over love, change, and silence. It is the idea of frustration made visible on stage. Told through the days of a man whose sole purpose is to respond when he is called on, it tackles what happens when his discipline is wrought with obstacles, both as eye-opening experiences and misguided temptation. When a defined „self-purpose“ is questioned, what does one do? How does one face the unknown existences around him? What does he lose? What does he gain?
It is a story of discovery or distraction; of estrangement, and loss.


Choreography/Dance: Max Levy

* * * * *


made in idea of many lines and also borders.

Living far from my original country. Having some different country family´s roots.
Having them inside and outside of me. It can be positive way+ but can be negative way - either. You would feel anyhow lines or border in everyday life


Choreography/Dance: Mariko Koh


* * * * *

Time ate(8)

Born in the same city of Japan, grew up in the similar circumstances, always having passion around us. Finally our paths crossed in another country.

No matter
where you/she - are/is

No matter
what you/she - do/ does

No matter
when you/she - saw - her/you

Time goes on. One step forward. Step by step. Just like dance.


Choreography/Dance: Rieko Okada, Mana Tada

about the Artists...

Max Levy
was born in Tokyo, completed his training at the prestigious San Francisco Ballet Trainee Program, under the direction of Jean-Yves Esquerre. He has danced numerous roles by prominent choreographers including Crystal Pite, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Mats Ek and Ohad Naharin, most recently with Staatsballett Nürnberg. He now works as a freelance dancer and choreographer, his work being performed in evenings with the Staatsballett Nürnberg, the Freier Tanz im Delta Festival in Mannheim, as well as being awarded „Best Dancer“ by SOLOCOREGRAFICO 2017, and reaching the Top 10 Finalists of the 32nd International Choreography Competition in Hannover. His most recent work „Consumption“ premiered as a part of IMAGES, a collaborative evening between selected choreographers and dancers from Staatsballett Berlin and the freelance scene from Berlin.

Mariko Koh
from Kyoto received her dance education from 2008-2012 at Kobe College in Kobe, Japan.
In 2012-13 she was an ensemble member of the Ballet junior de Genève. In 2013-14 she had a commitment at the Stadttheater Bremerhaven. Then she worked as a freelance dancer in productions at the UnterwegsTheater Heidelberg, Grand Théâtre de la Ville du Luxembourg, steptext Dance Project, Vuyani Dance Company, Forum am Schlosspark Stadt Ludwigsburg.

Rieko Okada
was born in Tokyo. Trained classical ballet in Japan and USA.
After completing her education at San Francisco Ballet School, she joined Star Dancers Ballet in Tokyo 2003-2007.
As a freelancer she was the member of Arsenale della Danza 2009 with La biennale di Venezia under the direction of Ismael Ivo.
Based in Berlin since 2011, worked at several projects with dancers, musicians, photographers, painters and among other artists.


Mana Tada
was born in Tokyo. After completing ballet education at the Russia Ballet Institute Tokyo, she graduated with diploma from Konservatorium der Stadt Wien. During her last year, she joined the Volksoper Wien, followed by engagements with Theater Pforzheim, Theater Ulm, Anhaltisches Theater, Theater Regensburg, Theater Nordhausen, Tiroler Landestheater.
She was chosen for the best artist of the season 2010 at Tiroler Landestheater.

9. März 2019



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