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Grafik: Sandrine Nogueira


Sandrine Nogueira & Théâtre en français à Berlin

Freely adapted from Nous, les héros by J.L Lagarce | in französischer Sprache


presents the life of a travelling theatre company. It's a family, a little by blood, a little by
stage. From the dressing rooms to the kitchens to the stage, you will visit a temporary camp, a little precarious, a little makeshift. The characters are young, sparkling and romantic, full of doubts, desires, misunderstandings. Everyone is looking for his or her place, here or elsewhere, in a group or alone. They are alone, together. Tired of the provincial village halls, of the backyards and the sarcastic indifference of the public, a little disappointed with the life they lead, they are looking for adventure, dreams and fantasy about new lives, big stages and big cities.

A show is going to happen, but you won't see it. The actors come off the stage and we are celebrating an important event, an engagement, this is a special night. The party is getting ready, and while we're supposed to be celebrating, no one can pretend. The business of the troupe is going badly... we should be celebrating, though. 

The conflict is always about to explode. We're talking. We argue. But we also sing, we laugh a lot, we love each other deeply. This company is at a turning point in its history. These characters make existential questions come to reason, with clear-sightedness, humanity and humour. With vitality they express what is most essential in themselves, with necessity they reveal themselves to others. Who are the HEROS here? The characters? We doubt it. The actors certainly.

Freely adapted from Nous, les héros by J.L Lagarce

Director: Sandrine Nogueira

Assistant: Cloé De
Coquereaumont With: Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Quentin Dequiret, Mathilde Dewavrin, Joris Dragoman, Sophie Furlotti, Louise Giraud, Joséphine Grout de Beaufort, Bertrand Malpel, Garance Maurer, Anne Sophie Zunino

Video: Joris Dragoman

Light & Technique: Sylvain Faye

Following the latest events that have particularly affected the working conditions of the performing arts, we have for three months recreated our project to continue developing, imagining, inventing and resisting together.

In order to comply with the sanitary conditions set up by the city of Berlin, the performances take place outdoors and places are limited. we ask for payment and collection on the spot by 19:30 at the latest on the day of the performance.

18. Juli 2020


19. Juli 2020 - 20:00


10 €

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