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CHAOS EMBLEMATIC: Concert Summer Series Vol.1

Chaos Emblematic

Musik & Tanz Performance

Dive into a night of psychedelic  rock with performances by Tristan Rio and Guinebissau- the dynamic duo  of Thiago Franzim and Douglas Labigalini, alongside the moves of Chaos  Emblematic dance artists Britt Angus, Zoe Cochrane, Masha Shcherbyna and painter Isabela Villalón. Secure your pre-order tickets for 10 euros or 15 euros at the door.


Tristan  Rio: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Tristan Rio, where  live-guitar-looping transcends the boundaries of reality. Inviting you  on a trip where time slows down, and the boundaries between reality and  dreams blur.

Guinebissau: is a Brazilian fusion-rock-post-punk  duo formed in 2019 by Thiago Franzim and Douglas Labigalini, based in  Berlin since 2022. They specialize in stoned punk psycho smooth country  jazz rock. The EP "Talvez pode ser quem sabe", released by the Rio de  Janeiro label Abraxas Records in November 2021, marks the duo's debut.

Chaos Emblematic: Britt Angus, Zoe Cochrane, Masha Shcherbyna & Isabela Villalón performing ‘Master of Reality’- Are you the  master of your own reality or are you letting someone else control your  reality for you?

2. Juni 2024



10€ | 15€

Lübecker Str. 49, 10559 Berlin

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