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Milla Toppi

Surreal dance show

Kälteschlaf ('Cold Sleep') merges physical theater and contemporary dance into an uncanny show
exploring the atmosphere of dreams and the language of irrationality with a glimpse of humor. The
performers' peculiar embodiment of enigmatic creatures fluidly intertwines with absurd images
and stories as their inner dreamscapes fleetingly collide. The piece evokes the viewer's emotions
in relation to the unusual and the unfamiliar while drawing inspiration from surrealist art of the last

Direction, Composition, Concept: Milla Toppi

Performance and Co-creation: Lauren Fitzgerald, Maite Kremke, Zoë Irini Lazos

Project funded and supported by Oulu Valistustalo, Oulu city cultural fund, Theaterhaus Berlin
Mitte, KulturMarktHalle Berlin, Cultural Center Valve and Die Etage - Schule der darstellenden
Künste Berlin

1. Sept. 2023

With kindly support of

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