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白昼夢* in the panopticon

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白昼夢* in the panopticon

iyi - Runa Ikeda, Frida Eun Ae Yngvesson and Shinichiro Ikeda

Interdisciplinary Performance

白昼夢* in the panopticon is a new body of work by the interdisciplinary  performance collective iyi, which uses elements of live painting, dance  and live music.

*The Japanese word “Hakuchumu“ is written with the characters meaning white, day and dream and means daydreaming.

“in  the end we won’t need cops to police us… we will have an internalized  cop who will constantly police us and we will police each other.”

The  panopticon becomes a symbol of the authoritarian and controlling  aspects that influence our behavior, choices and interpersonal  relationships. Daydreaming allows us to disassociate, to resist, to be  free and to give glimpses of endless possibilities.

Live painting: Runa Ikeda  

Dance: Frida Eun Ae Yngvesson

Music: Shinichiro Ikeda

Doors open: 18:00

Live music Shinichiro Ikeda: 18:30

Performance start: 19:00

30. Sept. 2023

With kindly support of

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Hosek Contemporary

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