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SALVATION (Glitter Doesn’t Care I’m A Boy)

Jerun Vahle

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SALVATION (Glitter Doesn’t Care I’m A Boy)

Shlomi Moto Wagner


A science fiction drag ritual and an experimental invocation for a  constant distribution of desires based on visions and fantasies Shlomi  Moto Wagner has experienced since he was three years old.

It explores transformations, mutations and remanifestations of the  idea of being, the sensuality of being a body, the politics of having
a body and the poetics of sharing a bodily experience.

This solo music theater piece is a mythological and poetic reading of  current pop culture and its academic discourse. The music of ancient
Jewish texts and invocations together with visionary tunes of composer  Hildegard von Bingen from the 12th century is newly arranged with pop  hits, techno compositions and contemporary feminist texts. All of this  makes the opera performance a ritual of transformation

Concept, Compositions and Performance: Shlomi Moto Wagner 

Text by  Shlomi Moto Wagner and inspired by Hildegard von Bingen + Jess Arndt +  Wislawa Schimburska + Hélène Cixous 

Musical Arrangements, Sound Design  and Production: Shlomi Moto Wagner, Mike Closer, Tomer Levy (Status  Zero) 

Costumes and Stage Design: Shlomi Moto Wagner, Orli Baruch 

Outside Eye and Dramaturgy: Daniel Brunet 

Technical Direction and  Lighting Design: Torsten Litschko 

Production Management: Kim Walz  

2. Nov. 2022

With kindly support of

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English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

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