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Platypus Theater

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Platypus Theater

A bilingual play about a very special collection. Recommended for grade 3 and 4 (from first year of learning English) or ages 6+


Finn and Lukas are obsessed with their new “Power Race” trading cards. The boys fight over the most sought after card, “Camilla the Dancing Warrior”. In the scuffle, this and the “Martia Assassina” card are torn in half. Little do the boys know that by doing this, they bring these two powerful characters to life. Finn must help “Princess Camilla” in her quest to escape the deadly “Martia Assassina”. His daily life becomes an adventure, as he takes Camilla home, goes to school with her and introduces her to his friends. It’s a race against the clock: In order to defeat Martia Assassina, Camilla needs a ladybird, a horseshoe and a four leaf clover. Can the two find Camilla’s three lucky charms in time, or will Martia Assassina become Queen?


Duration: 80 Minutes



Writers: Peter Scollin, Kenneth Phillips

Director: Anja Scollin

Performers: Liz Erber, Judith Shoemaker, Sebastian Weissbach, Florian Korty

18. März 2020

With kindly support of

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Pfefferberg Theater

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