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Contemporary Dance Performance

Aika Tsuchida, Takayoshi Tsuchida, Kokoro Funaki, Yu Yamamoto, Aya Nakagawa, Keisuke Sugawara, Marie Akashi

Parts of the three works being offered at this day has relevance on Nature. From the etymology of the word “自然Shizen” (Nature in Japanese), the artists are thinking about the ideal way and the purpose of art work. Not trying to CREATE, but trying to GIVE BIRTH to pieces. Choreographers who were mainly active in Japan will meet again in Berlin inevitably on this day. And it will bring fruitful time.




Hita-Hita is a special word in Japanese that has some meaning as follows:

a sound that the water hitting / a situation where water approaches step by step /  a situation where something will soak / a situation that tightly adheres to something / a smooth movement of water.


This choreography is inspired by the word Jozen Wa Mizu No Gotoshi of Laozi Tao Te Ching.

※ If one could have and imagine a lithe mind like water, it can be that all ones relations will go well. 
※Chapter 8 in “Laozi Tao Te Ching” Jozen Wa Mizu No Gotoshi  [The Best Good is like water. Water never competes with others even though it benefits all things. Water always stays at the lowest place. So water resembles “the way”. The ground is good for houses. Depth is good for mind. Benevolence is good for friendship. Faithfulness is good for words. Peace is good for politics. Efficiency is good for projects. Timing is good for action. If you do not compete with others, you will not commit an error.] 

Choreographie: Takayoshi Tsuchida Dancers: Aya Nakagawa | Keisuke Sugawara | Marie Akashi | Aika Tsuchida

Tiefer als das Meer

Trying to think about DEPTH, not BREADTH. It means rather than getting lots of things, staying in one place. “Tiefer als das Meer” is a choreography born from the doubt about “How one can image that one cannot see directly with eye”. Sometimes, we assume that everything we saw is all.  ……Believing that we can feel the depth of heart voice, relationships, and possibilities. 

Choreographie:  Takayoshi Tsuchida | Aika Tsuchida  

Dancers: Aika Tsuchida | Takayoshi Tsuchida 

Photo & Credits: ©keitanaka


Flora means "flower" in Latin, and all the plants of a particular region or period of time in history. Also in Roman mythology, Flora is a goddess of flowers and of the season of spring. It is not only a symbol for nature and wildflowers but also being as one of the fertility goddesses. This work inspired by "Flora"  is a dance or a ceremony to revive "something" sleeping like a fossil deep inside our memories.The word "Flora" has the meaning of a list of plant species of a specific region or period and the meaning of the goddess who controls flowers, springs and fertility appearing in myths. This work inspired by "Flora" is a dance and ceremony to revive "something" asleeping like a fossil in human memory. 


Choreographie: Yu Yamamoto 

Dancers: Kokoro Funaki  | Yu Yamamot

Photo & Credits: ©drk-tokyo | ©bozzo

About the Performers...

Aika Tsuchida

was born in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Japanese Women College of Physical Education as a principal. She majored in dancing and took master's degree .In 2008 She won the 1st prize of All JAPAN Junior Dance Competition by JWCPE University. In 2013 she won the Award of Newcomer dancer by Contemporary Dance Association of Japan. In 2017 She start to work for “NEPhRiTE Dance Company” in Niigata Japan with Takayoshi Tsuchida. She won the incentive award from Contemporary Dance Association of Japan and Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.Currently, after her professional experience in Japan, she is Berlin based a freelance dancer and choreographer. She is chosen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan for one year. In 2018 she worked with Acker Stadt Palast ,Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Papillom tanz studio in Berlin.  


Takayoshi Tsuchida

was born in Niigata Japan. He graduated from Saitama University (Faculty of Physical Education). 2012-2013 he worked for “Noism Contemporary Dance Company (Director: Jo Kanamori) at the “Ryu-topia Theater” in Niigata JAPAN. In 2013 he won the 1st prize at the solo selection of 28th All JAPAN Contemporary Dance Competition in Yokohama, Japan. In 2012 he won the 2nd prize at SAITAMA ALL JAPAN Contemporary dance COMPETITION. In 2017, he worked for “NEPhRiTE Dance Company” in Niigata Japan with Aika Tsuchida. Currently, after his professional experience in Japan, he is Berlin based a freelance dancer and choreographer. He came to Germany with Program of Overseas Training for Upcoming Artists sponsored. He is chosen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan for two years. And worked with Acker Stadt Palast ,Theater Haus Berlin mitte and Papillom tanz studio in Berlin. 


Kokoro Funaki 

graduated Tamagawa University, Performing Arts faculty. Received the Newcomer Award of the contemporary dance association, several the first prize of the most famous and large traditional competition  in Japan. Studied abroad in the Netherlands(Amsterdam)for a year as a trainee from Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Japanese government. Invited for a soloist dancer of various choreographers works, and conducted  her own choreographic projects at New National Theater in japan etc. This year, She will performance in festivals in Germany, Netherlands, Philippines and Laos. 


Yu Yamamoto

was born in Kyoto, Japan. Received the Newcomer Award of the contemporary dance association, the Dance Plan Award, the first prize of National Dance Competition, and the Dance Theater Award in the Czech Republic. Studied abroad in the Netherlands Scapino ballet for a year as a trainee under the overseas study program for emerging artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs by the Japanese government. Has been invited as a guest choreographer or a dancer in many festivals in Europe and Asia. Was chosen for a choreographer for the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Festival for the second consecutive year and the performance was aired on TV. Was in charge of choreography of the opera "La traviata" and collaborated with Bologna Philharmonic. This year, Will performance in festivals in Germany, Netherlands, Philippines and Laos.


Aya Nakagawa 

was born in Japan, Aya begun ballet training at the age of five. In 2013 she started to study classical ballet, contemporary dance and choreography at “Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance” in London. Towards the end of her graduation Aya also joined the cathedral tour with the Moving Vision company by Ross McKim. She worked with several choreographers, inspired of that she is also forcusing on choreography. Aya moved to Germany in 2017 and based in Berlin as a freelance dancer. 
Marie Akashi

was born in Japan. She started learning classical ballet when she was 6years old. When she was 11years old she continued with contemporary dance. She won the 1st place at Yokohama Dance Competition (Contemporary dance). She is the Finalist of Tokyo Shimbun Competition (Ballet) In 2013 She enrolled in the Tokyo Visual Arts college. After graduation she worked in a ballet studio in Japan as a teacher for 5years.At the same time she learned Pilates of Body Arts and Science International. She have Obtained a licence of Pilates Mat Work Teacher. 
Keisuke Sugawara

was born in Tokyo, Japan. He studied Dance and Performing arts under Jody Reed in Anchorage,Alaska. When he graduated from high school, he took time to travel around in Europe. Thorough the experiences of his trip, he decided to dance as a profession. When Keisuke came back to Japan, he started to focus on training Modern and Contemporary dances. Also he started his profession performance career with various dancers, choreographers, artists and directors around in Tokyo. Besides dancing in Japan, He travels to take classes, WS constantly, and performs projects in different countries. New York in 2012/14. London in 2015.  

About 生きる舞踊団 NEphRiTEDance Company 生きる舞踊団 NEphRiTE is a dance company Takayoshi and Aika built in Niigata in 2017. They won the 3rd prize at Creation section All JAPAN Contemporary Dance Competition of Japan in 2017. In addition to presenting works as a company, they work with local communities and collaborate with various facilities as creating site-specific pieces. They work for children and young artists to support and to provide them opportunities to perform. In 2018 they were chosen as the finalist at the international choreography contest “Contact Energy’18” in Erfurt Germany.

2. Feb. 2019

With kindly support of

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