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Glühende Rätsel – Glowing Puzzles

Federica Spinello

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Glühende Rätsel – Glowing Puzzles

About Face

Ein Night is the space to fill with secrets, trasgressions and dreams. A devised theatre piece developed and performed in a non-theatrical space that explores the night and the people who inhabit it. In a playful and collaborative room we have been working, exploring, and playing incorporating sounds, lights, shadows, and text.


About the company: About Face is an international collective of process-orientated, performance-driven makers with different backgrounds. We don't use any set of techniques - we meet, play, explore, question, create and make provoking artwork, always finding new ways of challenging ourselves and the audience.


Length: 45 min.


Devised and performed by: Maciek Marzec, Dimitri Cacouris, Federica Spinello

3. Nov. 2017

With kindly support of

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The meeting point is at...

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