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Elektro Kagura

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Elektro Kagura 電気神楽

Current work in progress: “Erlkönigin - 魔王エクステンション“ (Erl Queen)

The Kagura dancer talks to spirits and in our new piece Erl Queen, 一 氣 (IChi Go) will be the vessel of the famous and terrifying character of Goeth: Erl King. The piece is divided in two periods: the medieval part when Erl Queen took the life of the boy And the modern part where a school girl will be visited by the still living spirit of the Erl Queen. Part 1 In our translation, the story takes place in Japan, the father is now a samurai and the Erl King, a Queen. The digital painter, Yukihiro Ikutani introduces in a very original way, Manga techniques to tell the german tale while the female dancer Ichi GO, expresses the inner state of the ghost. The music sets up the scenery with a direct tribute to japanese traditional music and shifts to cutting edge electronic sounds. As it is often the case in Japan, the spirit is not a pure evil creature but a complex figure with a deep traumatized maternal love which turned to deadly pulsions, killing the innocent young boy. In this suspenseful narration, the group can fully express the references to japanese culture and make it violently clash with modern materials and effects.


Part 2 The feelings of the Erl Queen are so strong that they will be able to reach, 200 years later, the heart of a school girl who passed by the very same place where these macabre story took place. The woods are now a city but the spirits of the Erl Queen and the boy are still vivid in the single tree that stood the test of time and became the centre of a shrine. The teenager will discover and learn to live in harmony with these spirits, through the Kagura dance, resulting in a birth that puts an end to the century long curse. As a result to a more spiritual scene, the music and the projections turns to abstractions of forms and colors letting the dancer free to follow the spirits as the come and play with them before becoming one. This part is also the occasion to fully express the Kagura spirit by inviting guests to perform with us.


With: Yukihiro Ikutani - Digital painting

AXL OTL - Electronic music

Ichi Go - Dance

25. Nov. 2017

With kindly support of

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