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 "Behind the Movement" Festival

Quelle: Motimaru

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"Behind the Movement" Festival

Motimaru Dance Company

Stefano Taiuti, Taina Guedes, Sieben Schwestern, Rojeh Ghraryeb, Karel Oron Ruzek, Elmer Kussiac

What is this body of matter, of flesh and bones, that we all call "I"? What is the connection between body and mind? Where does the movement that gives rise to everything -thoughts, words, actions, creative movements in dance, music, etc- come from? Who am I? Investigating unknown zones between matter and non matter what kind of experiences would the artists bring on stage? How their creation would be influenced? New Scientists of Quantum/Superstrings Theories, Buddhist philosophers, choreographers, musicians, fashion designers, chefs!: Shall we all have a conversation and drink tea together without Japanese tatami mat but on stage in the theatre?


The independent Festival "Behind the Movement", comes back in Berlin again after two years. Two evenings for the artists and the audience that will share and put on the stage their questions and reflections about Body-Mind/Matter-Metaphisycal with the intention to open up the territories and borders between Art, Dance, Butoh, Food, Religion and Science. All the artists involved, dancers, musicians, fashion designers, food creative minds, will share their opinions and questions in an open constructive hot conversation in search of new perspectives and future, in Art and Life.

Festival Programm...

July 30th

- Contemporary Food Ceremony |  

  by Taina Guedes (founder of Berlin Food Art Week and Entretempo Kitchen Gallery)

- Butoh Catwalk - new collection of contemporary kimono 

  from Sieben Schwestern in collaboration with Motimaru |

- Rojeh Ghraryeb Poetry Reading

  from a Syrian refugee

- Motimaru 1 Month Workshop Project Final Performance |


July 31st

- Contemporary Zabaka Tea Ceremony |

  by Karel Oron Ruzek (owner of Tearoom of Meeting, Prague) 

- Elmer Kussiac Live Music |

- Stefano Taiuti Solo Dance Performance |

30. Juli 2016

With kindly support of

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Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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