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"Nights of Arousal" | The Body of Loretta

J. P. Slote | Martin Reckhaus | Gary Brackett | Philip Brehse | Arno Kleinofen

Performative Reading Excerpts of J.P. Slote´s Trilogy: The Body of Loretta, three plays


Victoria Stadtler Café is super thrilled to be hosting the New York based writer J. P. Slote. 

She will be reading from her new book: The Body of Loretta which collects and documents three plays that were performed and developed over the last 30 years. Slote explores the pornography of power, free will on the free market and arousal in the public realm. 


“To be abandoned. To be nothing but an object waiting for redemption… For the soul is an erotic being, and must live erotically. “ Erich Gutkind


SPECIAL for this last Loretta reading of summer 19 “Nights of Arousal” J.P. Slote will be joined by:

Loretta Auditorium director Martin Reckhaus, Trieste PerForm director Gary Brackett, Open Space/ PerformUnion's Philip Brehse on piano. Einrichtung: Arno Kleinofen.


"Loretta Auditorium is a suspense-filled intensive experiment, exploring artistic collaboration in a city--her manifold particularities, her inhabitants, her environments, her architecture--to create in short time, with very little money, highly elaborate culture: theater." (--Susn Kohl, set designer, La Gente/The People (the second play in the Loretta trilogy) 

11. Aug. 2019



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